Mission Statement

With an original foundation in 1795, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth is, since 1896, a Pontifical University, dedicated to the disciplines of philosophy and theology.

Drawing on its Catholic tradition, the College is committed to the highest level in teaching and learning, research, and publication. As an institution it promotes the intellectual, human, and professional development of its students within an environment that respects autonomy and diversity.

The Faculty of Theology, further, strives to communicate, to conserve, and to innovate from within the Christian theological tradition and so contribute creatively to the wider church, society, and culture.

Our Graduate Attributes

Graduates of the Pontifical University, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth are fluent in the Catholic intellectual tradition, open, integrated and socially engaged.

Central Values and Supporting Pillars

Animated by the Gospel and the Catholic tradition the Faculty of Theology values

  • Achievement of the highest standards in teaching and learning, research, and vocational formation, marked by academic accountability, critical reflection, experience, and flexibility
  • Respect towards the uniqueness of each individual, responding to the diversity of backgrounds and need
  • Relationships which are mutually beneficial with students, alumni, professions, government, higher education institutions, NGO’s, the Catholic Church, other Christian denominations and world religions, at local, national and international levels, and contribute to the common good characterised by a special concern for people who are marginalised and the natural environment.

Upholding our values and mission are

  • Expertise as the largest theological institute in the Catholic tradition in Ireland, offering a complete range of theological disciplines delivered by a highly-qualified staff, sustained by resources, publication, dialogue, innovation and mutual support.
  • Rootedness in a rich Catholic intellectual tradition and community, and commitment to ethical and academic values
  • Collaboration characterised by attentiveness to students, engagement with the wider academic community, and constructive interaction with church, society and culture.

Rev. Dr. Michael Shortall

Dean of Postgraduate Studies / Lecturer in Moral Theology

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