Wedding Photography

Photography will be permitted in the agreed designated areas of the College only, and a security escort from the College will be provided for your party while on campus.

We request a contribution from you, which goes towards the gardening budget of the College. The College employs several gardeners all year round, with additional help during the summer months. Minimum contribution for Wedding Photography is €150. If you can afford a larger donation, we would appreciate it. Donations of €250 + can be tax-deductible.

Your request to take photographs on the grounds of Saint Patrick’s College should be made by letter or, at least ten days in advance. If permission is granted, a license will be issued by the PR Office. Our terms are as follows:

Application and payment will be received ten days in advance Maximum party size: 8 people plus photographer Maximum duration: 1 hour Photography takes place in designated area only Request for License:

Request by Mail: PR Department, Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth, County Kildare, IRELAND.


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