New Book Released


"Remarkable for the scope of influential theologians who have willingingly contributed to this volume. Will be of interest to anyone interested in Fr. Imbellli's work and should be read by anyone seeking a degree in systematic theology."―Gill Goulding, SJ , Regis College, University of Toronto "To encounter Christ as the genuine center is hardly a commonplace or a static midpoint between two abstractly opposed extremes. Fr. Robert Imbelli grasps Christocentrism as a transformative experience of having one's imagination illuminated by the glory of the transfigured crucified. From Josiah Royce he discerned a pneumatological clue to linking this meeting in person of a wounded savior to a vision of the whole of faith and of life. This renewable and reforming path from the Paschal Mystery to everyday existence is captured in these captivating, learned, and elegant essays by eminent friends, scholars, and bishops. These contributions not only bring to light the legacy of a remarkably humble, irenic, and underappreciated theologian. They hearken to being centered on the transfiguring Christ as a basso continuo in the Catholic tradition and thereby bring it to life for a new generation."―Peter Casarella, Duke Divinity School

"This volume reflects the man it honors: thoughtful, disciplined, and driven by a love for the subject matter. Just as Christ is like a light that refracts in a thousand ways, so, too, these essays offer a wide spectrum of evocative answers to the central questions: who is Christ and how does he deliver us from death to life? Fr. Imbelli has long reminded us that in the tumult of the present moment, re-rooting ourselves in the mystery of Christ is essential. This book is a valuable step in that direction."―Holly Taylor Coolman, Providence College

"This book is more than a very good Festschrift honoring Fr. Imbelli. The essays of this volume form a unit whose center is Christ and whose purpose is the new evangelization―Christ makes all things new. An impressive array of theologians, young and old, systematic and historical, have contributed chapters that are as instructive as they are inspiring and illuminating. I warmly recommend this volume to theologians, priests, religious, and even the theologically inclined lay person."―Reinhard Huetter, author of John Henry Newman on Truth and Its Counterfeits: A Guide for Our Times



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