European Humanism in the Making


Posted 29th June

The Pontifical University at St Patrick's College, Maynooth is proud to be part of the international Summer School on ‘European Humanism in the Making’ for the European Federation of Catholic Universities.

The first Summer School on ‘European Humanism in the Making’ took place from 8 to 13 July 2019. It was hosted by LUMSA University on their campus in Gubbio, near Perugia in Italy and was attended by 22 (mainly) bachelor students in law and psychology, theology and philosophy, political and economic sciences, social and cultural sciences, geography and education. They came from 15 universities from 10 countries, as diverse as Georgia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and Lebanon.

They engaged in classes in the morning, workshops in the afternoon and public lectures in the evening. The students valued the summer school as an enriching experience, allowing to envisage Europe from various disciplinary perspectives and as a fine occasion to confront and deepen ideas and develop personal thoughts. They appreciated the multicultural exchange with open-minded persons from various religious traditions and the personal interaction with the teachers.

The second edition of the summer school will be held online from 5-9 July 2021.

The programme consists of the following five modules, structured in two parts:

PART I – Historical and Cultural Roots: Implications for Europe Today

  1. Contribution of History to European Consciousness
  2. Literature, the Arts, Translation and European Identity
  3. The Tradition of the European Enlightenment and the Islamic Heritage

PART II – Social and Political Construction: Implications for the Future of Europe

  1. European Social Humanism
  2. Governance, Democracy and Civic Engagement

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