A new publication to commemorate Maynooth College's 225th anniversary


We Remember Maynooth: a College across Four Centuries is a new publication edited by Prof. Salvador Ryan and Dr John-Paul Sheridan to commemorate Maynooth College's 225th anniversary this year. Over 500 pages long, and lavishly illustrated with many images rarely seen before, the volume is an attempt to capture the reminiscences of staff and students of the College, past and present, and to relive some of its more remote history in a series of historical vignettes.

The volume encompasses the memories of representatives of both St Patrick's College Maynooth and Maynooth University. Contributions from former students and staff of the Theology Faculty and the National Seminary are joined with those from Celtic Studies, French, German, English, History, Mathematics, Experimental Physics, Music, Sociology, Ancient Classics, Anthropology, and from our Library staff.

The book will be published by Messenger Publications on 1 November 2020 and is a must-have for all Maynooth alumni. A pre-publication discount is available for orders before 31 October. See below for further details:




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