Timothy Radcliffe – Holy Week Retrea

This year the Seminary Community was very fortunate to have Timothy Radcliffe OP as the Holy Week retreat director. Timothy was born in London in 1945. He joined the English Province of the Dominican Order in 1965, and was ordained a priest in 1971. He studied at Blackfriars and at St John’s College, Oxford, and in Paris. From 1974-1976 he was a chaplain to the University of London before returning to Oxford, where he taught scripture and doctrine for twelve years. He was Prior of Oxford from 1982 – 88, when he was elected Provincial of the English Province. He was President of the Conference of Major Religious Superiors. In 1992 he was elected Master of the Order, finishing his term in 2001. He was Chancellor of the Angelicum University in Rome, S.Tomas in Manila, the École Biblique in Jerusalem and the Theology Faculty at Freiburg, Germany. With humor, insight, faith and love he guided the community through some of the more profound mysteries of our faith.

Timothy Radcliffe - image found on google images